Sunday, May 21, 2017

Eddie Noack on 4-Star X-73

Eddie Noack and The Pecos Valley Boys - I'd Change My Ramblin' Ways for You / I Awake and Find You Gone (4-Star X-73) 

"I'd Change My Ramblin' Ways for You"

"I Awake and Find You Gone"

Eddie Noack's second release with The Pecos Valley Boys, from early 1953, is being heard here for the first time. We tend to assume that everything on a well-known label like 4-Star has been discovered, and must exist in large numbers, but this one vanished completely for 64 years until a single 78 rpm copy finally appeared recently in an auction. 4-Star's "X" series was for regional distribution only, so it's doubtful that more than 500 copies of this were pressed, and were probably limited to Houston sales only.

The musicians are mostly unknown but the steel guitarist is definitely Joe Brewer. Possible candidates for fiddle include Link Davis, Ernie Hunter, and Tweedle-o Williams. It's a shame this record disappeared so quickly, as "I'd Change My Ramblin' Ways for You" is a solid Hank Williams-styled effort from Eddie.

Thanks to Al Turner for the sound files and label scans.