Thursday, March 2, 2017

Pete McWilliams on Mutual 205

Pete McWilliams (The Wondering Cowboy) - I Hope the Sandman Throws Rocks in Your Eyes / The Ramblers Blues (Mutual 205)

Pete McWilliams had an established reputation in the Houston area during the 1940s as a Jimmie Rodgers stylist, but memories of him began to fade in the '50s. He did not get the opportunity to record for any of the city's established labels, and his only known single is painfully rare. It is being "reissued" here for the first time. 

Like so many singers of his day, Pete's vocal style actually owes more to Eddy Arnold and Ernest Tubb than Rodgers. The possibility exists, however, that Pete was related to Jimmie, since the Blue Yodeler's wife was originally Carrie McWilliams, and her sister Elsie wrote or co-wrote many of Jimmie's songs. 

Thanks to Stephen Michael Dean for supplying the photo taken at KRCT at Baytown (postmarked February, 1950), and the Al Turner Collection for the sound files and label scans. 

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