Monday, April 11, 2011

The Feature/Fais-Do-Do Recordings of J.D. Miller on Bear Family

Various ARTISTS: ACADIAN ALL-STAR SPECIAL: The Pioneering Cajun Recordings of J.D. Miller (Bear Family) 3 CDs plus 80-page book

Postwar Cajun music in all its colors is to be found here, the first comprehensive assemblage of Jay Miller's pre-Excello recordings. I would not have thought such a thing possible, but producer Lyle Ferbrache is an unusually dedicated man, and through some strange alchemy he has somehow managed to not only locate every Feature/Fais-Do-Do French-language single (itself an extraordinary accomplishment), but also photos and biographical information on nearly every artist on the label. Happy Fats, Doc Guidry, Jimmy "C" Newman, Chuck Guillory, Austin Pete, Terry Clement, Papa Cairo, Aldus Roger and many more are all here. The disc transfers (by Doug Pomeroy) are superb, and a wonderful hardcover book completes the package. For more information, Bear Family's page devoted to Acadian All-Star Special can be found here.

The box is listed for over $90 in a few places, however, Deep Discount has this for $49.44 postpaid here. Which is less than what you'd have to pay for a clean copy of any of the original singles on this box.