Monday, February 7, 2011

Jimmie Heap & The Melody Masters on Imperial 8112

Jimmie Heap and the Melody Masters (Perk Williams, vocalist) - Honky Tonkin' Women / Curtain of Tears (Imperial 8112)

"Honky Tonkin' Women"

Should a man devote himself to scholarly pursuits, or surrender to the temptations of worldly pleasures? It's a timeless theme in poetry and literature, here reinterpreted by the great Perk Williams. It's hard to argue with the clear logic of the final verse:

Why study about harmonics
When Deep Ellum's in my bones?
And these honky tonkin' women won't leave me alone

Below: Jimmie Heap and the Melody Masters, KTAE broadcast, Taylor, Tx., early 1950s. From left: Cecil "Butterball" Harris, Jimmie Heap, Horace Barnett, Perk Williams, Bill Glendenning, and Arlie Carter. Note Grand Prize beer banners and shirts. Click to enlarge. Courtesy Kevin Coffey Collection.