Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bobby Doyle on Back Beat 531

Bobby Doyle - Hot Seat / Unloved (Back Beat 531)

"Hot Seat"

The blind pianist Bobby Doyle (1940?-2006) had a shot at the big time in 1962 when Columbia signed him for an album. Unfortunately, the style of music that Bobby was playing at that time -- the "jazz" vocal group, a la the Kirby Stone Four and the Hi-Los -- ceased being popular about five minutes after the album was released. There's a MySpace page which has some tracks from the LP. Kenny Rogers, who sang and played acoustic bass with Doyle's Trio, went on to superstardom while Bobby was relegated to the Houston and Austin lounge circuit for the rest of his life.

Not mentioned in any of the articles and obits on Doyle was this 1964 effort for Don Robey and Back Beat. Bobby is obviously channeling Roy Orbison in "Hot Seat," a very commercial rocker that should at least have been a regional hit, but no dice. This came in an attention-grabbing picture sleeve that looks more like 1957 than '64.

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