Monday, April 25, 2011

Dug Finnell on Peacock 1644

Dug Finnell and his All Stars - Sugar Man / Love Then Satisfaction (Peacock 1644)

"Sugar Man"

Houston's disc jockeys get their comeuppance in this 1954 romp, as "Dug" Finnell roasts Joe Howard - The Duke of Dowling (KNUZ), Clifton "King Bee" Smith (KCOH), Lloyd "Hotsy-Totsy" Johnson (KYOK), Dr. Daddy-O, and Okie-Dokie (stations?), accusing them of stealing his woman with their sweet talk. After hearing this, Mrs. Finnell might actually have been more tempted to run off with the great guitarist, who, like the rest of the band, is a mystery.

This is apparently the same Doug Finnell (1903-1988) who was a mainstay on the Dallas scene for decades. He recorded for Brunswick in 1929, but for some reason this was his only other known record.

This is ACA master #2898 from July 27, 1954.

Below: Hotsy Totsy in the Houston Informer, April 3, 1954.


  1. It used to be nice being able to dl these obscure tunes. Do you have any idea what's happened with divShare? I eagerly look forward to your postings. Thank you.

  2. if you click " share" then link to mp3 it does work

  3. Drunken Hobo, Thank you. You are a genius!

  4. There were three different versions of "Okey Dokey" on WBOK in New Orleans, I imagine our man Doug Finnell is referencing the original: "Okey Dokey" Smith.