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Friday, September 17, 2010

Dixie Rogers on Caprock 101

Dixie Rogers - I Will Miss You / What Then Will You Say (Caprock 101)

"I Will Miss You"

The Caprock label from Big Spring does not seem to have produced a bad record during its two-year existence, and it surely deserved to have continued for several years more. Hank Harral, Jimmy Simpson, Hoyle Nix, Durwood Haddock, and Ace Ball were among the artists who put in a session for the label, named after the Caprock Escarpment in West Texas/New Mexico. Dixie Rogers deserves a hearing as well with this fine single. The unusually informative sleeve to this copy, perhaps scribbled by a disc jockey, tells us that Dixie, age 17, was a senior at Snyder High School at the time, and her phone number was 3-4554. The sleeve is datestamped March 14, 1958, so the record was probably released around that time. Unfortunately, the sleeve does not tell us who the excellent steel guitarist is, but I'll wager a guess that it's Weldon Myrick.

Below: Dixie Rogers.

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