Monday, September 13, 2010

K. Shirey on Bunny 102

K. Shirey with Skeeter Jasper's Southerners - Swingin' Down / Tonight (Bunny 102)

"Swingin' Down"

Skeeter Jasper was a fiddler from the Southeast Texas area who appeared on Nolan Bush and his Southern Playboys' Bluebird session in 1941. He must have suffered some sort of head trauma which made time freeze, for this mid-1950s release could easily be mistaken for a Bluebird or Vocalion field recording from before the war.

Above: K. Shirey.

Nothing at all is known about the vocalist, K. Shirey, but the Southerners probably included Beal Ruff (clarinet), Neal Ruff (tenor banjo), and possibly Jay Webber (steel) and Frank Lukowski (drums). "Swingin' Down" is a memorable western swing romp in which the singer, rather than "sing the blues," sounds positively elated that his wife has left him, giving him an excellent excuse to party at the Cabaret Club in Bandera.

Below: The Cabaret Club, "Cow Boys' and Cow Girls' Rendevous" in Bandera. Site of K. Shirey's party in "Swingin' Down."