Sunday, January 3, 2010

Glenn & Jody on Eagle no #

Glenn and Jody, The Singing Buddies with Larry Nolen and the Bandits - Herby Remington, steel guitar - I'm Even With You / Misty Windows (Eagle no #)

"I'm Even With You"

Western swing never died in San Antonio. If you needed further proof of that, look no further than the duo of Glenn and Jody, "The Singing Buddies" -- who else in 1959 was thinking that it would be cool to make a record that sounded just like a Bob Wills MGM record from ten years earlier? And went to the trouble of not only hiring Herb Remington to play steel, but gave him a rare label credit, as well, just in case the listener hadn't made the connection?

Glenn and Jody's real names appear to have been Glenn Hoffman and Jody Sizemore, but I don't know anything beyond that. Larry Nolen and the Bandits had already recorded for Sarg and Starday prior to this.

This is ACA master #3772 from March 16, 1959.