Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Woody Bridges on Royce 1638/39

Woody Bridges - Old Old Man / Rich Man's Servant (Royce 1638/39)

"Old Old Man"

"Rich Man's Servant (Poor Man's Wife)"

Woody Bridges has been a part of the Beaumont/Port Arthur scene since the early '50s -- he sang with Cliff Bruner, Deacon Anderson, Troy Passmore, and Billy Carter there -- but this 1963 outing was his first single. It was made at Gold Star with Bob Davis (electric mandolin), Herbie Treece (guitar), Wiley Barkdull (piano), Phil Parr (bass), and unknown steel guitar and drums.Both sides are good and deserved a wider recognition than the Royce label could provide.

A few years later Woody made a couple of records for Jack Rhodes that came out on Jack's Pathfinder label. "I really liked Jack Rhodes," Woody says today. "He helped (my wife) Grace and me a lot. I was offered a Captiol recording contract back then. But I would have had to go on the road with the Ray Price group for 273 days a year. Jack talked me out of it, saying he liked me too much to see me destroy my life. We had three kids at the time. Jack said I would lose my family and it would destroy me because I cared too much. I didn't like it at the time, but later in life I was very glad he did that."

Woody confirms that Royce was owned by Ray Jackson (the guy who wrote "Who Shot Sam" among others) and Jim Reddell. Jerry Robinson's Royce single was posted here.


  1. I like to contact Mr. Bridges and get some history on Ray Jackson or contacts they may have some info, if he'd care to indulge. I recently found the Jackson family I never had and would like to have some history on my father that the other kids wouldn't know. It's funny this article mentions Ray Price because I was told that Mr. Price and a bunch of others held a benfit for for Ray and or my mother right before he died and I was born. my email is My name is Johnny Ray Archie Jackson. If you need anymore info to verify who I am just ask and I'll give you what I can. Thanks

  2. Hi! This is Debbie, Ray Jackson's oldest daughter... anyone have any memorabilia to share with us? 1967... I was 13... thanks! Jonny Ray Archie is Dad's youngest son and I am his oldest daughter... looking forward to hearing from anyone... deb

  3. Woody Bridges is my Daddy. I'm his fourth child (he and my mother had 4 daughters and I am the youngest). My mother passed away in 2010, but Daddy will be celebrating his 80th birthday this month!

  4. Happy Birthday! Have your daddy call me at 5204003783, Johnny Ray Jackson, he'll know. He wrote songs with my dad in the 50s Ray Jackson,Royce records