Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cliff Bruner on Preview 1008

Cliff Bruner with Pee Wee Whitewing and the Others Brothers - Welcome to the Club / Faded Love (Preview 1008)

Cliff Bruner's return to the recording studio after a 21 year absence didn't make any headlines. It was 1971, and the country music world wasn't too concerned with an aging 56-year-old's rather pedestrian attempt to sound contemporary. Bruner had been an insurance salesman ever since the bottom fell out of the Beaumont/Port Arthur dance scene in the early '50s but had never stopped playing fiddle or working occasional gigs. His brilliant fiddle playing had helped make him semi-famous, yet that instrument is nowhere to be found on this side -- a typical example of what was wrong with country music during these years.

"Welcome to the Club" is credited to Jimmie Davis, someone Cliff always spoke of admiringly (he had played with Davis in the pre-war days). Preview is a Jay Miller label.


  1. Haven't heard this for a while. Cliff gave me the 45, but it's been in storage for 13 years! He told me that he wrote this and that Jimmie -- true to his old ways -- thought the song had potential and did what Jimmie Davis always did on such occasions: bought it. It's funny that almost to a man those who worked for Davis always talked of him with absolute respect and admiration, despite the fact that they were well aware of this rather seedy aspect of his personality. It's clear that it was not just the copyrights he was interested in. He also wanted credit for having written or co-written the songs. That acknowedgment seemed important to him.

  2. Didn't knew Bruner recorded this. Thanks!