Monday, September 13, 2010

K. Shirey on Bunny 102

K. Shirey with Skeeter Jasper's Southerners - Swingin' Down / Tonight (Bunny 102)

"Swingin' Down"

Skeeter Jasper was a fiddler from the Southeast Texas area who appeared on Nolan Bush and his Southern Playboys' Bluebird session in 1941. He must have suffered some sort of head trauma which made time freeze, for this mid-1950s release could easily be mistaken for a Bluebird or Vocalion field recording from before the war.

Above: K. Shirey.

Nothing at all is known about the vocalist, K. Shirey, but the Southerners probably included Beal Ruff (clarinet), Neal Ruff (tenor banjo), and possibly Jay Webber (steel) and Frank Lukowski (drums). "Swingin' Down" is a memorable western swing romp in which the singer, rather than "sing the blues," sounds positively elated that his wife has left him, giving him an excellent excuse to party at the Cabaret Club in Bandera.

Below: The Cabaret Club, "Cow Boys' and Cow Girls' Rendevous" in Bandera. Site of K. Shirey's party in "Swingin' Down."


  1. This is the first copy of this record that I have seen where K. Shirey's name has not been deleted!

  2. cool Western Swing slowy, I like it :-)


  3. K shirey was my father ... i never had a chance to enjoy this until after his passing. He would be pleasently shocked to know people still enjoy his music. I myself only have 4 tracks they recorded ... Of which swingin down is my favorite - kody shirey

  4. K Shirey was my father as well. He was originally from San Antonio, Texas. He frequently performed in Bandera, Texas during trail rides and also with his band, "The Lone Stars". Kody and I have photos of him performing along with several other acts that later became successful stars such as Willie Nelson, Johnny Busch, and Johnny Rodriguez. K later moved to Corpus Christi, Texas with our mother, and continued to live in Corpus after their divorce until he passed in 1998. Although he didn't live to see the internet evolve into what it is today, he would have been honored to have his music on here as well as enjoyed by other people so many years later. It is a treasure to have found this site for my brother and I, and to experience his music again. I did not know of this photo of my father, and because of this site I was able to download the photo and song to my phone. Keep up the good work, and thank you!--Kris Shirey

  5. K. Shirey is my father-n-law, and i never got the chance to meet him but i have heard his music and my husband plays his songs on the guitar all the time. its a pleasure to see this on here because we dont have much of his music, and to have this and be able to download it and hear his voice is very meaningfull to his children.. so thank you for putting this up..