Monday, September 6, 2010

Bill Tutt on Gilt-Edge 5079

Bill Tutt - Selling What She Used to Give Away / New Kelly Waltz (Gilt-Edge 5079)

"Selling What She Used to Give Away"

No one knows why Bill Tutt thought it would be a good idea to dust off this Buddy Jones "classic" from 1938 during the Eisenhower era, when you could have probably been arrested for singing or playing something this suggestive in public. Tutt not only revived the song but took pains to make it an outright homage to what we now call "pre-war western swing," with a decidedly Bob Dunn/Buster Jones styled single-string steel solo from "Curley" and "hot" fiddling from an unknown musician. "Wanda" solos on piano and there is pretty tough lead guitar from "Gail." Who were these people? I don't know. Billboard called the record "kinda cute."

Below: Billboard, December 13, 1952.


  1. I think this dates from well before '52 -- and it looks like the master number is 1901, which would place it during 1948 (purchased?). Curley is Curley Cochran, who was really prolific in this period in LA -- cut with Johnny Tyler, Jesse Ashlock, Sam Nichols, Al Vaughn, Billy Hughes, etc. He was from Oklahoma and was clearly a real Bob Dunn fan. His single string solos are purely Dunn, but he usually played chords -- not too sophisticated, but hot, hot, hot. I love his stuff. The fiddler sounds quite a bit like Ashlock on a bad day -- and it may be. He and Cochran did many sessions together. The fact that Tutt doesn't call the fiddlers name, particularly if it is Ashlock, might indicate that this is a ban-busting 1948 session. Wanda and Gail/ Who knows?..Tutt cut some stuff for Courtney in 1947 or so, but I've never seen nor heard any of them.

  2. You must be right. Master 1901 would date from 1948. 4-Star was into the 6000s by 1952.

  3. TY for posting this I loved the listen :)