Monday, December 21, 2009

The Western Swingsters on Jet EP 611

The Western Swingsters (Jet EP 611)

"Forgetting the Blues" vocal by Bennie Hatfield

"Please Tell Me" vocal by Bill Taylor

"When Will You Love Me" vocal by Billy Myers

"I'm Dedicating My Life To You" vocal by Gene Blalock

The Western Swingsters are a complete mystery -- nobody in San Antonio, assuming they were from there, remembers a group by that name. Four different vocalists on one EP seems suspicious, though, so perhaps this was just a studio concoction rather than an actual band. "Forgetting the Blues" is the toughest cut. The whole EP has a nice, recorded-live-at-a-dance-hall feel.

This is not the Jet label that Bennie Hess owned in Houston. It's a late 1950s TNT press with the address of 347 E. Palfrey, San Antonio, which is in the Highland Hills neighborhood. Next time you're in the area, drop by and ask for Bennie Hatfield.