Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hank Locklin on 4-Star 1605

Hank Locklin and the Rocky Mountain Boys at KLEE radio studio, Houston, 1948. From left: Locklin, Clent Holmes, Dobber Johnson, Felton Pruett, Tiny Smith. Click to enlarge.

Hank Locklin - "Down Texas Way" (4-Star 1605)

Curtis Kirk's original, acetate-only version of Jack Rhodes' "Down Texas Way" was discussed at length here. Hank Locklin's version, which dates from the summer of 1951, is not as interesting but was far more commercial, with substantial lyric revisions (which could perhaps explain why Locklin wrested the writer credit away from Rhodes). The backing group here includes Bill Gautney (lead guitar) and possibly Frank Juricek (steel) and Theron Poteet (piano). Locklin would grind it out on the Houston scene for a few more years before moving to Florida, joining the Grand Ole Opry in 1960.

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